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The session


When you come for a session, you sit comfortably on an armchair and the EFT practitioner sits in front of you. You describe the symptoms of your ailment or emotional issue and give it an intensity on a scale from 0 to 10.

The practitioner then taps on meridian points located mostly on your face and hands. If you prefer, you can tap on the meridians by yourself, the practitioner will show you the tapping points. While tapping, you will be asked to repeat some statements. Those statements are unique and personalised, as they are based on the words you are using to describe both your own reality and your own belief system.

After a round of tapping, you reassess the intensity of your turmoil. Has it gone down? Have the symptoms changed? Another tapping round follows... and another, until "the onion is peeled off" completely and the intensity is reduced to 0. Your energy field has been rebalanced. The practitioner will now tap again while you are "reacquainting" with positive feelings and emotions.


EFT doesn't claim to fix anything, it helps heal many negative issues emotionally rooted in your energy system. The words you are using to describe your reality are essential to the session. The practitioner will not psycho-analyse you. 


It is the practitioner's mission that the patient feel safe throughout the whole session. So if a trauma is too big and painful and you are not ready to talk about it, your practitioner will not have to know of it. You will still be part of your own healing process, but the practitioner has learned how to tune in to your energy through different techniques he/she has mastered.


The session can be tiring for the patient as energy shifts are quite big. Drinking water during the session is therefore essential to avoid possible subsequent feelings of dizziness. During their energy shifts patients can have laughing fits, yawns or a cleansing cry, and even sometimes an urge for a deep nap afterwards!


An EFT session can be as effective through Skype and by phone.



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