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I regularly organise and give workshops.


The workshops I offer are very enjoyable and practical. At the end of the workshop the participants feel empowered as they have learned the basic skills and tips in techniques that can help them heal daily ailments. (cravings, phobias, aches and pains...)  


I also offer customised workshops addressing the specific needs of the Organisation or Association that requests them for their staff. I have offered workshops to TY STUDENTS in SECONDARY SCHOOLS, TEACHERS' associations, DEIS SCHOOLS, I was approached by COUNSELLORS to help their patients empower themselves and manage their anxiety attacks.


My teaching experience and skills ensure that my workshops are always delivered in a professional and safe way, and the handouts I supply are clear and explanatory.






"Hi Lydia, thanks so much for last evening, I really enjoyed it and will keep tapping!"


"Hey Lydia, just wanted to let you know your workshop was excellent! :-) I really enjoyed it & learned heaps!"


"Your workshop was very inspiring. (...) Thanks Lydia!"


"Your EFT workshop was one of my highlights from [last year] !"


"Hi Lydia, the workshop was excellent. You are a superb teacher. (...)"


"I attended an EFT workshop with Lydia [and] I found the experience fantastic, it was an intimate group of people all there for different reasons, we all introduced each other which broke the ice! It was a very spiritual experience for me, I use the techniques I learned all the time, I also use EFT on my toddler as she WAS a bad sleeper! No more! I would highly recommend EFT for a peaceful happier life :-) thank you Lydia.(...)"


"Thanks for last night Lydia. You were amazing. It was a special thing to be part of."


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