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                   WORKING WITH TEENS

              In my practice, it has come to my attention that a significant amount of teenagers are suffering from stress and anxiety. They mostly come for EFT sessions at the start of the academic year and at exams time, but with the current pandemic situation and its collateral damage, I have seen a substantial increase of young people asking for help.

The stress and distress they are going through tend to manifest themselves through panic attacks, sleeping disorder, eating disorder, OCD, self-harm and social anxiety.

I have also noticed how sincere and cooperative my young patients are. When they have tried to conceal or ignore their pain so as not to worry their parents or not to seem weak and vulnerable, they can feel some sort of relief when they realise that their repressed emotions are physically expressed and are asking to be addressed. (ie. A lump in the throat, churning feeling in the stomach, throbbing pain in a shoulder…)

Moreover, where male teenagers and young male adults may feel uncomfortable expressing how they feel, EFT has helped them feel safe. In fact, with EFT one is not compelled to verbally express their emotions nor give details about the cause of their turmoil. Describing how that turmoil or distress manifests itself inside their bodies is enough to start a healing tapping process.


  • I have been a client of Lydia's for many years. Personally she helped me significantly move past unprocessed grief that was holding me back in my life for many years. 


She has also worked with my son who was dealing with enormous health issues and was able to help him when nobody else could with debilitating headaches caused by the fear connected to his illness. Lydia was available to us in times of crisis and I cannot thank her enough for her support.


She is an empathetic and beautiful soul, full of grace and patience. Where you might spend years in talk therapy, working with Lydia can help you get through massive blockages both physically and emotionally. 


I could not recommend her more and wish you luck if you choose to work with her.


  • To Whom It May Concern


I brought my daughter to Lydia Fox for EFT in her Leaving Cert year. She was suffering with stress and anxiety, as well as a chronic cough. Her mental health problems were not just in relation to her exams, but with issues in the home too.


She went for several sessions with Lydia.  The first result was a dramatic mprovement in her cough. Over the next few weeks her stress levels and her anxiety reduced and she was noticeably more content.


I have also brought my teenage son to Lydia for help with a phobia.  He only needed 2 sessions of EFT to dramatically improve his fear! It was a huge help.


I have used EFT myself for 7 years and consider it an extremely useful tool to have whenever I am stressed or going through difficult times.


Lydia is an excellent teacher. I highly recommend her.

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